Punjab Government Plans to do major changes in the Curriculum Policy

The School Education Department of the Government of Punjab has taken an excellent initiative to bring major changes in the curriculum policy across Punjab.

The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf’s (PTI) Punjab Government is very serious on bringing considerable changes in the school curriculum policy. It has decided to give importance to the Urdu language. Urdu will be the medium of instruction at the primary level by 2020.

From the early childhood education till Grade 5, the lectures will be given in Urdu instead of English. Also, English to be taught as a subject across Punjab. Moreover, the Government of Punjab is focusing to have uniform curriculum policy across the Punjab Province.

Urdu is our national language and it is really an excellent initiative by the Government to ask the teachers to teach their primary level students in Urdu. It will become easy for many of the students as they will easily understand what their teachers are saying. Also, many of the students will get the opportunity to improve their Urdu listening and reading skills.

Also, English will be taught as a subject. So, there will be less or no problem for most of the teachers who find it hard to teach their students different subjects like math and science in English language. Moreover, only those teachers will teach English who are good at it.

Furthermore, uniform curriculum policy across Punjab will create a good and meaningful impact. Both the students of private and government schools will be able to get equal opportunities. Not only the students of private schools will get the quality education, government school kids will also receive quality education and equal opportunities.

The Government of Punjab is very keen to provide quality education to all and that’s why it has decided to bring these sorts of changes across Punjab.

Source: Twitter

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