Honour Killing of Four Cousins on Jirga’s Order in Kohistan

KOHISTAN: On Saturday, Four cousins were killed for “family honour” on Jirga’s order in Sair Lotar, Upper Kohistan. An accused successfully escaped from the location.

Jirga system is still very powerful in Pakistan especially in tribal areas of Pakistan. It is a kind of village council that decides the fate of all people in the village.

District police chief Raja Abdus Saboor stated that on Sunday, Police arrested a person who was one of the murderers and now he was still looking for some other people to kill them. According to the reports, the Jirga members were suspicious about two girls and two boys having illicit relations.

After a trial session in front of the village council, the council decided to shot them dead for their illicit relationships. The victims were aged 18 to 21. The girls were identified as Yasmeen and Gulkabina while the boys were Bostan Khan and Sobat Khan.

On Friday, the police discovered four dead bodies near their village in the remote mountains. The police found their dead bodies and immediately sent to Dasu Rural Health Centre where a post-mortem report will be prepared for the deceased.

According to the reports, the South Asian countries are strictly rigid for their traditions and family laws. If any person especially woman wants to go against the family wishes, She is killed. It is called “honour killing.” Estimated, around 1000 women become a victim of this brutal family law every year in South Asia, especially in India and Pakistan. The Honor Killing is performed by the personal family members of the women.

It should be stopped as it is against human rights. But the tribal people are strictly stuck to their rules and tribal laws.

Sidra Anwar

Lives in Karachi Pakistan, working as a social activist and a news reporter at ThePost. In free time, loves to cook, drive and reading books. Also, member in many popular journalists groups, I know what people don't know about our country. Email:

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