Nawaz Sharif-Former prime minister is being transferred to Lahore Jail

Lahore: Since yesterday, stories of the former prime minister have been spreading like wildfire. Every tongue is chanting one name and that is; Nawaz Sharif.

On Monday, police took Nawaz Sharif for the judgment of accountability court. Now he is at the Kot Lakhpat jail of Lahore. Considering his status, the security around the jail is quite strong.

Sharif was captive at the Adiala Jail of Rawalpindi yesterday. In the morning, he arrived at Lahore directly from Islamabad through a PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) flight.

Sharif’s arrival at Kot Lakhpat has some reasons. First, his exclusive physicians are present in Lahore. Being a patient of heart, it is not healthy for him to stay away from them. Second, the company of a precious one lightens up the heart. Sharif also hopes that his family members get to meet him. This is an important reason actually.

Yesterday after his conviction regarding the corruption reference of Al-Azizia in National Accountability Court, the defense counsel of Sharif sought an order from the court. It was all about his shifting.

At first, prosecution didn’t seem to accept the application. There was the support of federal government. However, the judge had a soft spot it seems. He told that Sharif could decide about the jail.

Thus the request was accepted by the court to transfer him to Lahore instead of Rawalpindi. However, Nawaz Sharif had to remain in Adiala only for a little while. For his arrival, there was strong security. For instance, there were Rangers all around, surrounding the checkposts. It seems as if they wouldn’t even let a fly in.

On Sunday night, Sharif was present in the better class. You can say that better or elite class captives get a newspaper, a TV set, a chair, a study table, and a mattress.

Even now, the hearts of Sharif’s supporters are not at rest. They are throbbing with the love for their leader. There are countless supporters surrounding the area near the jail. They are raising fists in the air with slogans rolling off their tongues. It truly has become difficult for them to accept such a hard decision.

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