YouTuber Zuhair Shot Dead During Ghost Prank in Lahore

Rameen Maqsood

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Lahore: YouTube is one of the best video-sharing websites where millions of videos are posted everyday by different YouTubers from all around the world.

Pranks have now become very common and many people do pranks in public, record the videos, and post them on different social media networks including YouTube.

But, there is always a risk how the strangers could react to when they experience and forced to see some unexpected things in front of them. It can take the lives of people as not every person possesses the strength to digest the scary pranks.

A YouTuber named Zuhair in Lahore was shot dead while making a ghost prank video with his other two friends, Hasnat and Saboor.

According to the father of the victim, his son asked him to allow going with his friends to shoot a prank. And after an hour or so, one of the friends of his son called him and said that your son got bullets and we are taking him to the hospital.

The Lahore police arrested both of his friends and further investigations are under way.  

Zuhair wore the ghost mask and was pranking on the streets of Lahore on random people when he met with a guy who got very scared. In reply, he became very angry and shot fire that went straight to Zuhair and made him fell down. Both of his friends took Zuhair to the hospital in a critical condition where he declared as dead.

Source: Samaa News

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