Rain Storm is expected to arrive on the New Year’s Eve

Southern England: No one wants to experience a rainy New Year’s Eve but this year, new Southern England region is going to expect a rain storm on the eve of New Year. Already the temperatures are freezing everything; the rain will add some more spice to it. We are not expecting to have the last year’s -10 temperature but the rain will surely decrease the temperatures.

The day on Monday will be completely dry but the things will start to change after 8 PM. So, it is recommended to shop everything that you will need on the eve of New Year. You have a whole day to buy some snacks and to complete the remaining preparations for the New Year.

The rain storm has started to gather in the southwest region and the rain will arrive on Monday that will force many people to change their respective plans for the New Year.

The sad news is that the rain will not stop and continue through Midnight. Also, on Tuesday Morning, it will continue to make things wet. Moreover, the wind will also interfere so that the people will experience some windy-rainy Monday evening and Tuesday morning.

From Tuesday afternoon, the clouds will be clearing and the weather will be ok by Wednesday and we will see more seasonal weather.

If you are going towards Foxboro then you should keep warm clothes with you. But if your destination is Polar Plunge then you will experience a good weather.

Via: Washington Post

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