School fee reduction order applies to all private schools, says CJP

Islamabad: Today, the chief justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar restated that all the private schools are bound to reduce 20 percent in their monthly fee. He restated the Supreme Court’s order and said that it is not the matter of only 22 schools; the order is applicable to all private schools.

Those private schools whom are charging more than 5,000 on monthly basis should revise their fee structure and reduce the fee by 20 percent. These orders were passed by the apex court in its December 13 ruling.

The chief justice of Pakistan also stated that some of the schools’ administrations began to close their schools after getting orders from the court to reduce the fee.

The court also passed the order to not increase the fee by more than 5 percent in its last ruling. It is a matter of education and schools should provide quality education to all by charging a respectable amount of fee.

The court also ordered that the regulatory body would come into play if required, to increase the fee by more than 5 percent. Also, the court order stated that the increment in the fee should not be more than 8 percent.

Via: Neo News

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