Accountability court extends Khawaja brothers’ physical remand by two weeks

Lahore: Accountability court extended the physical remand of Khawaja brothers on Saturday by two weeks in the Paragon Housing Society scam case.

On December 11, both the brothers, Khawaja Saad Rafique and Khawaja Salman Rafique got arrested after the LHC (Lahore High Court) rejected their bail appeal.

The NAB officials reached the court on Saturday along with the Khawaja brothers to hear the case. The NAB investigator stated that the anti-graft watchdog had issued notices to 32 individuals.

Upon asking about the Saad Rafique’s involvement in the housing scam, the NAB official said that soon the evidence of his involvement will be shared with the court. The court then extended the physical remand of former minister and his bother by two weeks upon the bureau’s request.

The court was then stopped the proceedings until January 19.

Talking to the media, Saad Rafique said that the time will come when people will realize that we were not corrupt. He added that the powers made Imran Khan the Prime Minister of Pakistan and they are now deeply regretting.

He further stated that incompetent people are ruling the country. They don’t even know the ABC of ruling the country. The PTI government is pushing the country towards serious crises.

Moreover, he said that the inflation rate will surely increase in the country after the mini budget. The public has realized that they gave their votes to the wrong person and soon we will get rid of this selected government.

Upon the question about Imran Khan’s visit to Turkey, Saad Rafique said that Imran Khan is going to different parts of the world along with a begging bowl. Everyone is making fun of him and he is surely not a leader that can run this country in such crises.

Source: Dawn

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