India’s retired Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju slams Modi’s government

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The retired Supreme Court Judge Markandey Katju slams Modi’s government and said that Modi’s government is willing to create a disturbing situation across the country to win the Lok Sabha elections.

He said that BJP has ruined the good and soft image of India across the globe. They all are fools and there is no medication to treat foolishness. Further he added, if RSS can conduct elections campaigns in the park then why not the Muslims can offer their prayers.

Talking to the media, Markandey expressed his deep concerns and said that I am seeing very bad days for India after the 2019 elections.

If anyone offers prayers, they cut the heads and feet of the individuals, he added. They have gone mad and have much damaged the name of the country across the globe.

Moreover, he said that if anyone slaughters the cow, they kill the person. It is not the right way to treat one of the minorities in India. Cow is also the animal and I don’t treat it as God. It is just an animal like dog and horse.

He further quoted that Muslims should be allowed to offer their prayers in the parks. The upcoming days will be very harsh for the Muslims. To stop Muslims from praying, they are going against the Constitution of India.

Furthermore, he said that every person in India is allowed to live according to the teachings of their religion. If anyone stops a person to do what he wants to, it is against the constitution.

Meanwhile, the famous Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah who is also the Amnesty Ambassador expressed his feelings in Amnesty Campaign video and said that everyone in India has a liberty to think, express, and worship according to their faith. He added that everyone should be treated equally and must be respected.

He also said that from the beginning, the core values of the Indian constitution aimed to ensure social, political, and economic justice for everyone. But, now people are being murdered in the name of religion. Innocent people are suffering much due to hatred. And those who are talking against this culture are being forced to shut their mouth.

Via: Public Tv, Video credit: News MX & Hindustan Times

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