Terms of Reference ready for the allotment of plots to LDA City file holders

Lahore: On Saturday, the concerned authorities prepared the terms of reference (TORs) related to the plots allotment to the LDA City file owners.

The Supreme Court had already directed NAB and the Punjab Minister for Housing and Urban Development, Mehmood-ur-Rashid to create a workable plan to give relief to the affectees of the LDA City Housing Scheme.

Earlier, the provincial minister asked the authorities to gather new development partners to resolve the issue and provide relief to the file owners as soon as possible. Also, the LDA officials got some directions to go through the ownership documents along with the revenue department.

The scheme is going to be divided into different phases. The LDA officials got directions to divide the scheme into phases to easily compensate the affectees.

For this, the authorities are directed to develop an area on Ferozepur Road along Buchar Khana distributary.

There are around 9,000 LDA City affectees who are desperately waiting to get compensations.

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