DG ISPR and Fawad pays tribute to Aitzaz Hassan on his 5th martyrdom anniversary

Today is the 5th martyrdom anniversary of a young 15-year old school boy, Aitzaz Hassan who sacrificed his life for the sake of his school fellows and teachers on 6 January, 2014.

The Government of Pakistan had awarded him Sitara-e-Juraat for saving the school from a suicide bomber and giving his life for the sake of his school fellows and the country.

Hassan was outside his school in Hangu when he saw a bomber trying to enter the school premises on January 6, 2014. He grabbed the person and stopped him to go inside. Meanwhile, the bomber blew himself away and Aitzaz Hassan also lost his life in that incident.

Many famous people including politicians and DG ISPR paid tribute to this brave and innocent man on Twitter.

The DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor said that we salute to this brave kid of Pakistan.

The Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Hussain Chaudhry also tweeted that the young Aitzaz Hassan gave his life to save many of his school fellows. He also added that a film named “Salute” is made to pay tribute to this young brave kid and PTV II will telecast the film tonight.

Also, the father of Aitzaz Hassan said that he is still waiting for the support of the Government of Pakistan as he hasn’t receive any promised financial aid. He also added that mu son saved many mothers from crying but left his own mother to cry for the rest of her life.

Many other people also tweeted and paid tribute to this Pakistani star that will always be remembered.

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