Lahore Police raids Careem Taxi Service’s office and beats the Manager

Lahore: On Sunday, the Lahore police of the Defense area raided the office of Careem Taxi service and asked about the records of the company.

The manager asked the police officer to show some written application so that he can provide the details. Otherwise, he will not be able to share the company’s records.

Lahore Police raids Careem’s office and beats the Manager

Upon asking this question, the police officer got very angry and beat the manager for only asking about the written application. The manager was forced to move out from his office and the officer fit him in the police van while beating and saying harsh words.

Lahore Police raids Careem’s office and beats the Manager

As soon as the Punjab Minister got the news about the incident, he took immediate notice. He said that no policeman is allowed to treat a civilian like this. He asked the concerned authorities to look into the matter and conduct proper investigation to treat the culprit accordingly.

Via: Bol News

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  1. Punjab police think Punjab province own by their father inspecter should be punished to set an example
    Since we have PTI governments and every Pakistani has lots of exception from PTI

  2. I’m a soldier of Pakistan Army and I think this Policeman or Inspector whoever he is should be suspended! And charged!

  3. Jisam par wardi phen k khud ko badmash smaj rakha ha in logo .. ganday gandy dant haram kha k pait agay nikla hota ha bolne ki tameez hoti nai ha…wardi k nechay pashori chapal nashay kar kar k ankien bhr i hoti hain..
    behaviour b theek nai hota..
    Govt should take action against this bloody culprit officer.. and dismiss him as soon as possible .
    ub ezat se jo 2 waqat ki roti kama raha us k sath b pangy baziya

  4. No Service provider is allowed to block the I’d forcefully of Captains also.
    Careem management should be treated like this every week.

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