287 prisoners in Punjab’s jails are suffering from Aids

Sohaib Rehman

Punjab: On Monday, the sources revealed that the health condition of many prisoners across 41 jails in Punjab is very bad.

According to the 2018 report of Punjab jail department, there are many prisoners across the jails of Punjab who are suffering from various deadly diseases including AIDS, Hepatitis C, and others.

In the 41 jails across Punjab, there are 287 prisoners who are suffering from AIDS, according to the report.

The central jail Faisalabad is on the top position with 65 infected prisoners and Central Jail Adyala is on the second position having 29 infected prisoners.

Also, the number of prisoners suffering from Hepatitis C in the jails of Punjab is One thousand four hundred and sixteen(1,416).

Moreover, there are around 218 prisoners in different jails of Punjab who are suffering from Hepatitis B.

Furthermore, the number of prisoners who are suffering from TB is 128.

It is really a serious concern that why the numbers of the affectees are increasing and why there are many prisoners who are suffering from these deadly diseases despite of having medical checkups.

Via: Public TV

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