The forex market is the largest interbank market in the world where currencies are traded. All the currencies of the world are the part of the forex market where per day; average traded values are equal to trillions of dollars.

Foreign Exchange Rate

A foreign exchange rate is basically the comparison between the values of the two currencies. So, the forex rates in Pakistan are basically the comparison of the value of Pakistani currency against different currencies of the world.

The Pakistan Open Market forex rates for different currencies on 8 January 2019 are as follows:


Currency Buying in PKR Selling in PKR
Australian Dollar 98 99
Bahrain Dinar 370.5 372.5
Canadian Dollar 103.5 104
China Yuan 20.3 20.45
Danish Krone 21.2 21.5
Euro 158 158.75
Hong Kong Dollar 17.75 18
Indian Rupee 1.95 2.02
Japanese Yen 1.27 1.3
Kuwaiti Dinar 459.5 462
Malaysian Ringgit 33.8 34.15
NewZealand $ 93.75 94.45
Norwegians Krone 16.15 16.4
Omani Riyal 362 364
Qatari Riyal 38.2 38.55
Saudi Riyal 36.85 37.35
Singapore Dollar 101.25 102
Swedish Korona 15.25 15.5
Swiss Franc 141.6 142.5
Thai Bhat 4.25 4.35
U.A.E Dirham 37.75 38.25
UK Pound Sterling 176 177
US Dollar 138.85 139.35


Currency Bank Buying TT Clean Bank Selling TT & OD
Australian Dollar 98.75 99.11
Canadian Dollar 104.29 104.67
Danish Krone 21.22 21.3
Euro 158.5 159.07
Hong Kong Dollar 17.68 17.75
Japanese Yen 1.2720 1.2766
Saudi Riyal 36.95 37.08
Singapore Dollar 102.01 102.37
Swedish Korona 15.53 15.59
Swiss Franc 141.07 141.58
UK Pound Sterling 176.79 177.43
US Dollar 138.60 139.10

The US Dollar has been flying up for the last three months or so. There is a slight difference between the rates of different currencies of yesterday and today.

Kuwaiti Dinar is on top with the buying and selling rates of 459.5 and 462 as the currency of Kuwait is the strongest in the world. The Bahrain Dinar is the second strongest currency in the world with the buying and selling rates of 370.5 and 372.5 respectively. Third strongest is the Omani Riyal. Fourth is UK Pound Sterling. Then comes Euro and Swiss Franc and then there is US dollar with the buying and selling rates of 138.85 and 139.35 respectively.

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