11 Lac Rupees spent on Car Number Plate in Auction

Lahore: An auction event was held in Lahore today where the attractive and favorite car number plates get auctioned at higher rates.

According to the reports, the preferred number was sold in 11 lac rupees.

When talking with the media, the participants said that we buy different expensive cars so it is necessary to purchase preferred and favorite number plates.

The first number of LE 1 was sold in 11 lac rupees. The second and third numbers were sold in 1 lac rupees each. The fourth number was sold in 1 lac 15 thousand rupees and the fifth one in 1 lac 60 thousand.

Other than this, the auction price of the sixth number was 75 thousand rupees. And the price of seventh number was 1 lac 10 thousand rupees. Moreover, the eighth number got sold in 50 thousand rupees and the ninth number in 6.5 lac rupees.

It was an open auction so that everyone gets the equal chance to purchase his favorite number.

The department of excise and taxation department will auction one thousand six hundred and eighty five car numbers in the upcoming days and these auctions help the department to generate more revenue.

Via: Express News

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