Pakistanis to get 700,000 direct jobs due to CPEC by 2030

Islamabad: The mega project of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will open many new doors for the Pakistani people and it is expected that by 2030, 7 lac new job opportunities will be created.

This CPEC project is in the favor of both the countries but the way Pakistani citizens are getting jobs is amazing.

So far, around 75,000 people have got direct jobs and CPEC could create 1.2 million jobs to provide direct benefits to the Pakistani workers.

Moreover, many local Pakistani companies are getting subcontracts by the Chinese companies so that the local companies get the benefits. Also, they are doing this just to promote economic development and employment in Pakistan.

The Chinese companies are playing their key role to strengthen the economy of Pakistan and to reduce unemployment.

The raw material processing and catering industry in Pakistan are also booming because of CPEC and they are also responsible to lower down the unemployment rates in Pakistan.

The human resources of Pakistan are also transforming as the Chinese companies are sharing their techniques and experience.

Many Pakistani students have gone to China for higher studies. Also, the engineers and professionals have gone to China on scholarships to get training in their respective fields.

Other than this, the Chinese companies are building schools and medical examination centers, and solving water and travelling problems for the residents of Pakistan. 

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