Yuzman’s Water Filtration Plants have been Shut Down, Leaving Natives to drink Impure Water

Lahore: Media reports say that natives of city Yazman of Bahawalpur are now drinking impure water due to the complete shutdown of water filtration plants. Due to the shut down of water filtration plants, chemicals like Arsenic are now mixing in the underground water. Water filtration plants that were installed in the previous provincial government of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) have become non operational, as Pakistan Tehreek i Insaf (PTI) took the reins of the province Punjab.

Sources revealed that reason behind shutdown of water filtration plants is the strike of plants’ operators. Operators say they have not been paid since the PTI government took over the former government.

There are still no signs of government taking any steps to negotiate with operators so that they resume their work. Natives of tehsil Yazman of city Bahawalpur can suffer from respiratory and heart diseases by drinking the impure water.

Therefore people of Yuzman demand to enable the water filtration plants immediately, because drinking impure water, full of chemicals are continuously spreading diseases.

Former Chief Minister of Punjab Mr Shahbaz Sharif initiated this project under “Punjab Saaf Pani Company” (PSPC). This company is also under NAB’s investigations which puts question marks on this project’s future.

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