Video: Punjab Minister Slams the Authorities Over Lahore City Cleanliness

Lahore: Aleem Khan, the current Provincial Minister of Punjab ordered the concerned authorities to clean the whole Lahore City as soon as possible.

While talking with the concerned individuals, he said that you have only the month of January to clean the Lahore city, otherwise you can find some other job.

He added that there are 44 areas that are not in a good condition and I will point them out. They are full of garbage and I want you to clean those areas.

He showed his anger and said that if anyone has any doubts, he can clear it today. If you are willing to work and have the potential then go for it, otherwise give me the resignation and leave the job.

Moreover, he said that I am talking to all in a good and healthy environment. I want only cleanliness in the whole Lahore City. I have told you people many times. Also, I have called the Waste Management department many times, but no results.

He also added that I personally send my cameramen to capture the photos of Lahore city and they personally report me with the dirty pictures. I will not wait more and tolerate all this. I am not your servant, he added.

Furthermore, he said that you all are getting your salaries so you have to perform. If not, then we have many people who can do this job for us.

Neither I am asking you for a servant nor am I asking you to give me half money. I am asking you to do your work and you have to do it.

Shakila Nasreen

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