DPO Pakpattan Maria Mehmood Gets Angry Over 80 years’ Old Man

Sohaib Rehman

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Pakpattan: DPO Pakpattan Maria Mehmood got angry over an eighty years old man during the Municipal committee’s open court session in Tehsil Arif Wala.  

The old man is the Central President of Traders Association Sufi Abdul Rasheed who criticized the role of local Police in front of the DPO Pakpattan.

In reply, DPO ensured that justice is for all and it will be provided. But things turned too quickly when the old man reached near to the DPO to put his hand over her head to give blessings.

Upon this action of Sufi Abdul Rasheed, DPO turned angry and threaten the old man along with some powerful pushes.

Later on, the local police called the Central President of Traders Association to reach the police station for meeting. But instead of conducting the meeting, police filed some fake cases against the old man and put him behind bars.

As soon as the news went viral, many traders along with local people gathered in front of the police station and then protested in front of the Lari Adda Chawk. Different roads connecting different regions got blocked due to the protests of traders and other local residents.

The protesters were angry over the decision of sending the Central President of Traders Association into jail. They were chanting against the police and in favor of Sufi Abdul Rasheed.

Later in the day the police released Sufi Abdul Rasheed due to the powerful protests conducted by the traders’ association.

Via: Kohenoor News

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