Chief Justice outbursts on private schools for not reducing fee by 20%

Sohaib Rehman

The chief justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar again ordered the private schools to reduce the fee by 20% on Thursday.

In today’s hearing of the case, Chief Justice clearly said that those private schools that are charging more than 5000 per month should reduce the fee by 20%.

He added that it is not acceptable that many private schools are ignoring the orders of the Supreme Court. All the private schools should reduce the fee to provide education to all the children of the country.

Chief Justice expressed his anger over the president of the private schools association for ignoring the SC orders. He said that I will file the cases against those schools that are not reducing the fee. He also ordered every private school to return the summer vacations’ fee.

In reply, president of the private schools association said that if they do such thing, many schools will get closed. Chief justice said, go for it.

Main Saqib Nisar also added that there is no need to blackmail the court.

Further, he ordered the concerned authorities to gather information about those schools that haven’t returned the vacations’ fee.

He asked the authorities concerned to look for those documents where one school director is taking 85 lac rupees monthly salary. The other director is taking 12 crore 30 lac rupees per year.

Most of the private schools had ignored the Supreme Court orders and this will not be tolerated.

7 thoughts on “Chief Justice outbursts on private schools for not reducing fee by 20%”

  1. For schools education is a bussiness
    Shaheen public school Gulistan e jauhar campus II
    Was previously before the order of suprme court Rs. 5800 charges, now what they play smart in tution he alter this month challan as Rs. 4900
    And rest amount is added as computer fee Rs. 800
    We as parent are sick of heavy annual charges every year
    Lab charges yearly
    Computer lab charges
    Board exam fee
    As well as if school is celebrating sports day then these charges also added in challan
    We as a parent are helpless
    If raise voice in front of school they simply say
    Take your childern from your school if you can not pay, we compromise because every school has same culture.
    We appreciate your concern on this area plz help out parents.

  2. Kindercare school is neither refunding nor giving any reduction in its tuition fee. It is a school up to class 5. I think it is not even registered school as there is not school board outside the building . Please tell us what to do .

  3. Asalam wallikom
    Sir Syed childern acedemy took June fee from me..I have proof also Bank slip…which I have paid…I have also informed to the management that u r doing condempt of court…they said we don’t have such type of notification…..

  4. The city school Hayatabad campus and Junior branch of Hayatabad, Peshawar have received the total fee for summer and they haven’t reduced the fee in light of the current order of the honorable court’s decision.The authorities are slient and have not taken any action.


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