After 5 Rupees Reduction, Gas Supply resumed at all CNG stations across Punjab

Rameen Maqsood

Punjab: The gas supply resumed at all CNG stations across Punjab on Friday after two weeks.

Along with the resumption of the gas supply, the price of CNG has also reduced by Rs 5 per kg. All the CNG stations will remain open 7 days a week without any interruption.

The gas supply in the province was stopped due to the closure of Pakistan Gas Port Consortium. But after 15 days of struggle, people get relieved today, as the CNG stations went open at 6 AM in the morning.

On the other side, the oil prices in the international market has also reduced and it also has impacts on CNG prices, so the government took action immediately and reduced the price by Rs 5 per kg.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Petroleum said that it is the responsibility of government to provide quality and cheap fuel to the residents of the country. He further added that, CNG is beneficial for environment and it will create good effects on the environment of the country.

Via: Public News

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