Banning Indian Content in Pakistan is wrong, says Shabana Azmi

Famous Indian actress Shabana Azmi said that banning Indian content in Pakistan is not the right decision.

She used the term “unfortunate” and said that it is not the decision of the Pakistani audience; the decision is only made by Pakistan’s politicians and bureaucrats.

Also, Javed Akhtar, the husband of Shabana Azmi called the decision wrong and said that restricting art in the name of culture is inappropriate.

Shabana Azmi was celebrating the 100th birth anniversary of her father, Kaifi Kazmi, in Mumbai where she talked to media and expressed her feelings.

She added that art is for connecting people from the two countries. Neither the audience of Pakistan nor the Indian audience wants to stop showing each other’s content. It is only the politicians of both the countries who want this, Azmi said.

Azmi further added that we get so much respect from Pakistan when we visit there, and when their actors and actresses visit India, we give them the respect and praise their talent.

Earlier, the Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar ordered to stop showing Indian content on Pakistani TV channels. He said that it is damaging our culture.

Muhammad Hammad Rafique

I'm senior journalist at ThePost newspaper and I've massive experience in journalism, I've done my graduation in mass communication and I've a deep connection with news reporting.

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