17ft Giant Crocodile ate Indonesian Scientist alive at Indonesian Laboratory

Indonesia: A 17ft-long crocodile ate Deasy Tuwo, a female scientist alive at the Indonesian research facility on Friday morning.

The crocodile named Merry attacked the scientist while she was throwing meat in the pool.

According to the reports, the crocodile jumped up to the 8ft wall and dragged the scientist into the pool and ate her alive in front of the audience.

The rescue workers responded immediately to save Deasy Tuwo, but it was impossible to save her life.

Deasy Tuwo

After eating the scientist, people saw the giant crocodile lying on the ground with her remaining body inside his jaws.

The history of the crocodile was not clean as it had already attacked many crocodiles in the past. He was fed fresh chicken and tuna every day, but the incident of attacking a human has raised serious concerns.

On Monday, the staff saw her floating body and the rescue team worked hard to get back her body which was in a terrible condition.

17ft Giant Crocodile eats Indonesian Scientist alive at Indonesian Laboratory

The staff then called the police to take the body for medical tests to confirm that the crocodile had eaten her body parts.

Also, the crocodile will be departed to a wildlife rescue center to test his stomach.

Via: Daily Mail

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