1 USD is equals to 76.25 Pakistani rupees according to Google, Bing and Yahoo: is it a Glitch?

A strange thing is happening at the moment in Google, if you search for 1 USD to PKR, it’ll show you that it’s equal to 76.25 rupees, while it’s much lesser than its actual value that was around 139 rupees on other currency prices sources.

1 USD is equals to 76.25 Pakistani rupees according to Google: is it a bug?

Google search first started showing 96 rupees and then dropped to 76 rupees, we can’t confirm what’s actually happening but it’s highly likely that it’s a mistake on Google’s end.

Dollar price had an upward trend for a long time and it has touched rupees 144 that was all time high.

Update #1: Bing.com is also showing same rate for Dollar, it seems it’s happening because of some other factor. We’re still confirming this news from other sources.

Bing showing USD to 76 rupees too

Update #2: See what Samaa News is saying about this surge:

Samaa News about USD surge

Update #3: Seems like it’s a glitch in Morningstar’s exchange rate database, because it’s showing same results as Google, yahoo and Bing, and it also seems all these search engines are picking data from Morningstar. While on the other hand, Bloomberg and XE are showing correct data and USD price in PKR is same as before.

1 USD is equals to 76.25 Pakistani rupees

Update #4: Google is back to normal now.

Google usd to pkr bug fixed



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