Chocolate works far better than cough syrup, study says

According to a study, eating chocolate is much better for the cough patients as compared to the cough syrup.

The research was conducted at the University of Hull in Yorkshire, England that says eating a piece of chocolate is the best cure for your cough.

A total of 163 cough patients took part in the research and were offered a chocolate-based medicine called ROCOCO.

The researchers then found serious improvement in the symptoms within two days. The patients who took the chocolate-based medicine recovered well as compared to those who were taking regular cough syrup.

According to the scientist, the presence of cocoa in the chocolate treats a cough well. It relieves inflammation and irritation as the properties of cocoa are stickier and more viscose.

Therefore, it is recommended to eat a piece of chocolate instead of taking syrup if you are suffering from a bad cough.

Via: Cbs Local

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