FIR lodged against the CTD officials involved in Sahiwal encounter

Sahiwal: The FIR has been filed against the sixteen officials of Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) on Sunday under terror law for their involvement in the Saturday’s Sahiwal shooting that killed four people of a family.

The FIR was lodged in response to the complaint made by Jaleel Ahmed in Yousufwala police station of Sahiwal District under section 302 of Pakistan Penal Code along with section 7 of Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997. Jaleel Ahmed is the brother of Khaleel who was shot dead in the encounter.

Below is the copy of FIR, Thepost got from sources:

FIR copy Sahiwal incident

According to the eyewitnesses, those who were killed were innocent people, and they were not terrorists. On the other hand, CTD claimed that it was a successful operation against the terrorists that killed the local commander of Daesh along with three other people.

CTD also claimed that the people riding in the car shot fires first and they had explosives and suicide jackets. But according to the eyewitnesses, the people in the car didn’t fire, and the CTD officials didn’t find any trace of explosives.

The relatives of the family have ended their protest after the lodging of the FIR today. Since last night, they had been protesting against the brutal killing of their innocent family members and demanding justice and immediate action against the culprits.

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