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Supreme Court orders to take back government’s land from Bahria Town

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has given orders to take back the government territory from Bahria Town.

The court expressed its anger over the difference between the maps of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and Survey General of Pakistan.

Justice Azmat Saeed Sheikh has given remarks to send the notices to Survey General for contempt of court.

Justice Azmat Saeed Sheikh was heading the hearing of the case and asked the Lawyer of Bahria Town, Ali Zafar to submit the penalty proposal.

The lawyer said that we had prepared the proposal related to all the three projects of Bahria Town.

According to Ali Zafar, Bahria Town has sixteen thousand and eight hundred acres of land.

The Deputy Surveyor General of Pakistan appeared in the court and told about the Bahria Town’s sixteen thousand eight hundred acres land.

On this, Justice Azmat Saeed Sheikh expressed his reservations on the statement of Deputy Surveyor and said that the Revenue Department is only gaining money. He further said to the Deputy Surveyor that you are responsible for this and gave orders to take back the government land from Bahria Town.

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  1. When people were investing their hard earned money these authorities were sleeping some people invested their life savings ask Judges and other authorities to deposit all their pension and gratuity funds in dam funds

  2. Please take our land back or these land Mafias will occupied people homes and land and go to SC and legalized it they will occupied the whole country and kick us out like Palestine

  3. How the SC compansate those people who purchased plots in sports city and so far paid approx 60 lacs but no apparent chance of getting their plots.

  4. The PPP and MQM have been a disaster for Sindh. Institutionalised corruption and destruction of oversight has damaged the people here hugely. Thank God the SC has taken notice and the rot is contained. Now recovery is underway. The looted money should be recovered and used to compensate the affected.The looters must be jailed for the maximum allowed in law.
    This recovery and re-fund is the government’s job but they have proved themselves unreliable. Hopefully the SC will take on this additional responsibility. My hat is off to them.

  5. Yup please just take back all illegal land from land mafia and then give to poor people’s with easy installments….

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