Mobile Phone import tax details in mini budget presented by Asad Umar

Today, Finance Minister Asad Umar presented a mini budget and called it more of a relief budget instead of a mini budget.

Mostly the taxes imposed were on higher value or expensive items and on less priced items tax reduced by a significant margin. Also, small sized companies and farmers also got tax relief in this budget.

On mobile phones import, taxes are higher on expensive mobile phones and on low priced mobile phones, import duties are less.

If a mobile phone’s value is more than $500 then there will be Rs.10,300 tax. For value of $350 to $500 phones, Rs.6,000 tax will be applied. On mobile phones valued from $200 to $350, the tax amount will be Rs.1,930.

And Rs.1,870 will be applied as tax on import of phones worth $100-$200. On cheapest phones with a value of $30-100 there’ll be 1,470 rupees of tax.

Other details:

  1. Rs.400 tax is imposed on mobile phones worth Rs. 10,000
  2. Rs.4,000 tax is imposed on phones worth RS. 28,000
  3. Rs.6,000 tax is imposed on phones worth Rs. 60,000
  4. Rs.8,000 tax is imposed on phones worth Rs. 105,000
  5. And Rs.41,000 tax is imposed on phones worth 150,000
Mobile Phone Price Range Tax on Import in Pkr
$500 or more 10,300/-
$350 to $500 6,000/-
$200 to $350 1,930/-
$100 to $200 1,870/-
$30 to $100 1,470/-

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