Roohi Bano, A Legendary Pakistani Actress Passes Away

Renowned Pakistani actress Roohi Bano passed away. Her sister Rubina Yasmeen confirmed the death of this legendary actress. She was 67 years old when died.

According to her sister, Roohi Bano was suffering from kidney failure and she was under treatment in Turkey. For the last ten days, Bano had been on a ventilator.

Roohi Bano was considered one of the most talented actresses of Pakistan. She won President’s Pride of Performance award. She also won two PTV awards for the best performance in TV dramas. However, this renowned name of Pakistani Silver and Big screen became the patient of depression after the murder of her only son, Ali in 2005. Ultimately, became a patient of Schizophrenia due to the continuous depression. The medical and psychological disorders affected her health badly and she was even so deteriorated that she could not utter the words clearly.

After the death of her only son, Roohi Bano used to live alone in her house that even lacks basic utilities like gas. Everything in furniture was broken. The lonely home could make you cry when you enter to meet this once legendary actress and now a deserted woman. The only working thing in her home was her TV.

Roohi Bano was the daughter of Alla Rakha, the legendary Indian Tabla Maestro. She was the half-sister of Indian musician Zakir Hussain. She won the hearts of the people due to her best performance in TV serials aired on in the 1970s and 1980s. The best known among them are Hairat Qadah, Kiran Kahani, Qila Kahani, Zard Gulab, and Darwaza.

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