Indian Boy Brutally Killed by Tractor while making a Video on TikTok App

Shakila Nasreen

TikTok app is getting immensely popular nowadays. Everybody wants to be a TikTok celebrity by uploading funny, horrible, thrilling and heart-touching videos to make the people amazed and amused of course.

Recently, a young boy from Indian Punjab also tried to make the video of his stunt while working on the farm with the tractor. The tractor was moving on the farm, and he was trying to board on it. It is merely to show his fearlessness to amaze the people on TikTok.

Unfortunately, he slipped, and the tractor’s heavy wheel crushed him badly, and he got chopped by the row crop tractor. He lost his life only for capturing a TikTok video.

It makes you frozen while thinking about such an unexpected and shocking end of an amusing incident. The boy died on the spot causing the surrounding people shocked and chilled.

It took hours to take his body pieces out of that crop tractor. The view was horrible when the incident happened.

He could not understand that the thrill is important, but life is priceless and cannot be returned.

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