Today’s Currency Rates in Pakistan, 25 January 2019 – Open Market/InterBank Rates

Shakila Nasreen

Currency Exchange in Pakistan

The currency exchange rate is significant not only for the economists to move ahead but also for the investors. The people can get a clear picture of the stability of their desired foreign currencies. The investors can perceive which currency is more suitable for investment and which one is going to decline.

Currently, people are investing their money in the US dollar, GB Pound and other stable foreign currencies to get a handsome amount of profit. Here, I am going to discuss all of the major currencies of the world with the buying and selling rates. It will make you clear-headed about your selected currency.

Well, if you want to exchange your foreign currency on the best rates, National Bank offers better deals. But there are some other foreign currency exchanges for this purpose too. It includes Western Union, Ravi Exchange, Pay Exchanger, Paragon Exchange, AA Exchange, etc.

Open Market Currency Rates in Pakistan – 25 January 2019

Currency Buying Selling
Australian Dollar 98 99.75
Canadian Dollar 103.25 105
Danish Krone 21.05 21.35
Euro 157 158
Hong Kong Dollar 17.7 17.95
Japanese Yen 1.27 1.3
Saudi Riyal 36.2 37.25
Singapore Dollar 101 102
Swedish Korona 15.25 15.5
Swiss Franc 139.6 140.5
UK Pound Sterling 181.5 183.25
US Dollar 139.05 139.35

InterBank Currency Rates in Pakistan – 25 January 2019

Currency Bank Buying TT Clean Bank Selling TT & OD
Australian Dollar 98.59 98.95
Canadian Dollar 104.15 104.52
Danish Krone 21.03 21.11
Euro 157.03 157.6
Hong Kong Dollar 17.68 17.74
Japanese Yen 1.26664 1.2672
Saudi Riyal 36.98 37.12
Singapore Dollar 102.06 102.42
Swedish Korona 15.3 15.36
Swiss Franc 139.31 139.82
UK Pound Sterling 181.94 182.6
US Dollar 138.7 139.2

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