Government’s Qeemat App is Proved a Great Success in Ramadan to Control Price Hike and Overcharging

Government's Qeemat App is a great success. More than 30,000 citizens downloaded it, 1324 complaints registered and Rs 1.3 million fine has been collected by using it.

Update: Government’s Qeemat App developed and launched by Punjab Information Technology Board has proved a blessing in disguise in the month of Ramadan to control the prices of commodities in the month of Ramadan 2019.

The basic purpose for introducing Qeemat App was to spread awareness among citizens about the set prices of vegetables, grocery items, and fruits and to ensure the check and balance to control inflation.

The app is directly linked with the administrators of districts. Initially, it was launched in Sialkot district, but now, it is working in 36 districts of Punjab province. The Government takes instant initiatives against the shopkeepers selling the substandard vegetables, fruits, and other products.

A special monitoring team has been constituted to monitor the app regularly and take action on any complaint. So far, the Government has resolved 873 out of 1324 complaint.

The Director-General IT Operations Punjab Information Technology Board, Faisal Yousaf has applauded the team members for the brilliant success of this app.

SIALKOT: Government is using technology to fight against the fake price hike created by the traders and retailers in grocery, fruits, and vegetables.

The government has taken a revolutionary initiative in this context. It introduced an app known as Qeemat app in this context. Qeemat app will help the consumers to buy grocery, fruits, and vegetables.

The app contains all rates notified by the Deputy Commissioner and even the daily prices of vegetables and fruits. If any shopkeeper does not put up the rate list issued by the government or the quality of goods is not up to the mark, just go to the complaints section. You can also complain if the shopkeeper misbehaved or he overcharges you.

Initially, the District Admin of Sialkot has launched Qeemat app in Sialkot covering the four Tehsils – Daska, Pasrur, Sambrial, and Sialkot. Soon it will be introduced in other cities of Pakistan. It has completed one month successfully and the residents of Sialkot are pleased by this revolutionary initiative of the Government of Pakistan.

Source: Public News

Download the Qeemat Sialkot from Here

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