CM Usman Buzdar Shook Hand with IG Punjab, Media’s Disinformation against Him

MULTAN: A video is viral that the CM Usman Buzdar didn’t shake hands with the IG Punjab Police, Mr. Javed Saleemi. The CM was there to attend the Passing Out Parade of the police department, Multan.

Well, some news channels are presenting yellow journalism and showing an only half picture to the people. There is only half-truth in the story they are telling. The fact is that the CM Punjab, Usman Buzdar shook hand with the IG Punjab Police, Javed Saleemi.

In the video here, you can see the top police officer is presenting an honorary shield to the CM Usman Buzdar. He extends his hand towards the CM, but unknowingly, he turns back to leave. Again he turns back and shakes hand with the IG Punjab and walks away from the location.

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