UAE has emerged as a global tourist point as the government of UAE has invested the margins from Oil reserves into different sectors resulting in attraction for foreign tourists for pleasure and leisure. Further, businessmen, corporate companies and investors prefer to invest in UAE due to various Duty Free Trade Zones that allows them to enjoy the zero rated taxes on their incomes and profits from businesses. Now UAE is known for its Hospitality Sector which welcomes Tourists across the world to enjoy the mixed culture pleasure without any Hassel. So whether you are visiting UAE for a long or short term, for business or for pleasure, for family trip or for health tourism, you need accommodation facilities in UAE.


This article highlights the checklist every visitor to UAE must go through to avoid any inconvenience in future. The Checklist includes the following key points:

Make your budget:

You have to cover the cost of your accommodation along with other spending including cost of moving, health, electricity, gas charges, telephone and some other utilities. Bear in mind that not all of the short stays are provided with fully furnished, while the cost you deposited initially may exceed depending upon your stay and services you use.

Proximity to Sites:

You must look for the site(s) that are close to main points. Your accommodation must be close to public transportation sources, offices, schools, colleges, hospitals. Check that how timely and cheaply you can approach these points. Either you are on a business trip, visiting as a student or on a tourist visit, you must look for the entertainment, enjoyment and leisure opportunities during your tenure at UAE. So keep in mind the cost and proximity with these points.

Apartment, Compound or Villa?

Look for the options for your accommodation. Assess accurately that how many bedrooms you need during your stay. Further you may need a large kitchen to cook your food, student may require study room, and families may need playroom for their kids while corporate persons may require some special and extra ordinary package.

Tenancy Duration:

Assessing your stay in advance can help you save a lot of money as you can book properties in advance by mentioning your stay. Usually you can acquire a property for one month to entire year. You can also negotiate package price for short term stay as well.

Furnishing Needs:

Looking for fully furnished property? Or you can manage with partially furnished one. You can also ship your furniture and some fixtures depending upon your stay, so you may not require a furnished home.

Housekeeping Services:

Housekeeping services may vary from property to property, depending upon your requirements. Housekeeping service may include cleaning, maintenance, laundry services, property checks and security services. You can also ask for special ambience according to your mood if you are OK with your budget.

Look for Alternatives:

As a regular visitor to UAE, you can opt for alternatives that can provide you improved serviced @ conventional charges. You can make an offer with the help of your agent and can get his/her view regarding any particular property. Landlord will either accept, reject or can make a counter offer.

Tenancy Agreement:

Pay attention when signing the tenancy agreement as you are bound to comply with the terms & conditions of agreement, else you will be in trouble. The agreement bounds both parties for a fixed period of time to fulfill the agreement. You can ask for proper translation if you are not getting the right meaning of any clause of agreement.


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