Facebook Pays $20 to Teens to Use VPN that Spies on Them

Shakila Nasreen

Facebook spy VPN for teens

According to the media sources, Facebook has compiled a list of the FB users aged 13-35 years old. They detected them by using a testing service such as uTest, BetaBound and with the help of ads like “paid social media research study” on Snapchat/Instagram.

The ad included the details that they can sell their privacy in $20. The pages inside disclose what kind of information the FB is seeking from the teens. For example, for a boy, the following terms appear in Applause’ research study:

“By installing the tool, you are granting permission to the client to collect data from your Smartphone. It will let him know how do you do the internet browsing and how you use the apps you have installed on the phone. The data will not be leaked out and only be shared by the client. All the data regarding your activities, apps and the content within them will be recorded.”

So, the Facebook has full access to the phone of the teen including his private messages, chat from WhatsApp, Instagram and other apps data, net browsing, emails and even the current location of the teen.

Even the teens are bound to send the screenshots of the Amazon purchases they make while remaining a part of the study. In return, they will get $20/month. Furthermore, if they refer their friends, they will also get the referral fees.

The project is known as “Project Atlas”. Earlier, this research study was available on Android and iOS devices. Currently, Facebook tells TechCrunch that it is going to roll up the research program from the iOS devices. However, the Android version of the Project Atlas will be continued. But it is still in mystery what kind of data Facebook is looking. But it is an obvious fact that once you install the app, Facebook gets unlimited access to your device. The app is available online as “Facebook VPN.”

Source: TechCrunch

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