Pakistan Banao Certificates Scheme: Up to 6.75% Profit for Overseas Pakistanis

Islamabad: The Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched a “Pakistan Banao Certificates” scheme for the overseas Pakistanis on Thursday. The primary objective of the scheme is to attract the investment from the Pakistani people who are living abroad to play their part in boosting the economy along with generating their own profits.

It is a great opportunity for the overseas Pakistanis to invest their savings in the Pakistan Banao Certificates to make their future secure by getting higher profit rates and help Pakistan to prosper.

Pakistan Banao Certificates

Addressing the media, Imran Khan said that we were trying to launch the scheme earlier, but no one can interfere in the plans of Allah. I think it is the right time to introduce the scheme for the overseas Pakistanis to strengthen the country’s economy, he added.

The prime minister further said that since 9/11, the Pakistanis had been treated badly, and it is the right time to uplift the country and make our passport valuable in the eyes of the world.

Imran Khan also said that I had directed all the Pakistani embassies around the world to treat the Pakistanis with respect and solve their issues and problems as early as possible.

Pakistan Banao Certificates

Details about Pakistan Banao Certificates

  • The Pakistanis having CNIC/NICOP or the holders of POC having bank accounts outside the country are eligible to invest in the scheme.
  • The minimum investment that a person can do is $5000.
  • The Pakistanis having their banks accounts abroad will get their profits in US dollar and in Pakistan; the investors will get their profits in Pak Rupees.
  • 6.25% is the expected profit rate payable bi-annually over the 3 years investment plan.
  • 6.75% is the expected profit rate payable bi-annually over the 5 years investment plan.
  • There is no ivy or penalty over the premature encashment in Pak Rupees, and it can be done anytime.

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  1. So many people will start if The return is on monthly basis not annually. Monthly returns will be big relief for overseas Pakistanis. Even if they lose their jobs or if they want to return back to Pakistan.

    1. Logically, if you see, it doesn’t happen that some organisation gives you profits on monthly basis. They reinvest your money and it takes months to turn your investment into profit. So, I’m still surprised with 6 monthly profit payments, that’s a great time to get back ROI. I’m in Pakistan and I wish I could invest in it, it’s better than internet(Haram) from banks and other entities.

  2. A fitting tribute to overseas Pakistani’s. However, I do suggest the profit rate is increased to that of what Pakistani’s are being offered in Pakistan which is currently around 12%.

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