Sindh Governor House to Organize International Biryani Festival Every Year

KARACHI: Imran Ismail, the Governor of Sindh has announced on Thursday that the Sindh Governor House will organize international Biryani Festival every year.

He was attending a lunch gathering hosted by the Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP). He also states that the government aims to take the rice exports up to $4 billion. Currently, it is only $2 billion. He further showed hope that the REAP will also work devotedly to meet the target.

The Governor explains that the current government of Pakistan is taking great interest in increasing exports to increase the foreign exchange. If the people are calling the current government inexperienced, yes it is inexperienced in corruption. But it knows how to bring Pakistan out of debt.

Adul Raheem Janoo, the former chairperson of REAP explained that once Pakistani rice exports decreased from 30,000 tonnes to 7,000. The REAP organized an international Biryani Festival in 14 countries. Resultantly, the rice exports had a boost.

Later, the Governor of Sindh announced to organize international Biryani Festival every year in Sindh Governor House.

Via Bol News

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