ISLAMABAD: Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Ali Mohammad Khan explains to opposition regarding the sudden increase of Hajj expenses for 2019. He said that the Pakistani Government is not earning from Hajj scheme. 70% of expenses are incurred in Saudi Arabia.

He further elaborated that the rent of buildings in Makkah has been increased from Rs 60,900 to Rs 94,185. The transportation cost also goes up from Rs 9,000 to Rs 13,104. In the same way, food charges rise from Rs 23,000 to Rs 38,000. The expenses for pilgrims’ accommodations in Medina also increase from Rs 23,200 to Rs 40,000.

Similarly, the train charges also hike from Rs 7,250 to Rs 20,000. Along with the above-discussed costs, the rate for animal sacrifice goes up from 13,050 to Rs 19,451, and the air travel costs have risen by Rs 17,000.

He further clarifies the statement that the government is not earning through the Hajj scheme. All expenses have been increased by 70% from Saudi Arabia. Another major cause of a rapid increase in Hajj expenses is the devaluation of Pakistani rupee. However, the government of Pakistan is still trying to facilitate the Pilgrims in every possible way.

Via Public News


  1. Minister is telling lies.
    Govt. of Pakistan earns a lot from Hajj
    1. Hajj fee billions of Rupees remains deposited in bank for 5 months and govt gets profit on it
    2. Govt gets Taxes on airline tickets and Embarkation tax at airports.


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