Islamabad Police Cop Brutally Tortured a Poor Rickshaw Driver

Shakila Nasreen

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Islamabad Police

ISLAMABAD: A policeman brutally tortured a poor rickshaw driver on the road in the presence of many people.

According to the source, the incident took place in Pirwadhai, Islamabad. The policeman beats him severely with fists and baton. He kicked him badly and torn his clothes. The poor rickshaw driver kept begging for mercy but the cope didn’t stop beating him. Later, the poor rickshaw driver asked in a helpless condition that there is Naya Pakistan now.

But the police are still the same old. He further says that a revolutionary change has come to former Pakistan, but the revolution could not alter the federal police. He demands the government to take notice of the issue as it is already taking action against the corrupt people. He became outrageous and clarified that the policeman tortured him just for nothing.

Note: In the above video we cannot confirm if this driver was actually beaten by Police or not. So, we’re leaving it as an unconfirmed news.

3 thoughts on “Islamabad Police Cop Brutally Tortured a Poor Rickshaw Driver”

  1. What does Naya Pakistan has got to with the act of one individual. Ary channel unfortunately is now in line with all those channels who are playing the blame game because they along with others have been payed heavily to malign the incumbent govt. Instead of highlighting the act they are putting the blame of the individual on the govt.
    By the way this entire pakistani media who’s now losing it’s significance by I’ll reporting and bias news should come up and do some programs on their own activities and malicious acts. But they don’t have the damn courage. As they are all sold out. Sale up-to 70 percent.


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