Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Dal Lake in Occupied Kashmir and got embarrassed as no Kashmiri came to welcome him.

He was visiting the second largest lake of Kashmir. He came there wearing the Jinnah cap to win the favors of Kashmiris, but they offered a cold shoulder to him, and no one came to welcome him.

He, in the state of embarrassment, kept waving towards the cameras of the journalists who came for the coverage of his arrival. Kashmiris didn’t come out of their homes as a protest against India’s atrocities against them. Indian armed forces are committing atrocities on Kashmiri people and have occupied Kashmir against their will.

The video below shows his visit to the lake. See how he tries to remove his embarrassment by waving a hand towards the cameras only.


  1. Kashmiris hates India. And why did Kashmiris welcome the Prime Minister of India? Kashmiris are fighting for their freedom.


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