Kashmir Day Poetry, Quotes, Speech, Posters, History and Songs

Kashmir day is also known as “Kashmir Solidarity Day” in Pakistan. In 1990, the Chief Minister of Punjab Nawaz Sharif called the political and religious parties to celebrate 5th February as Solidarity Day with the Kashmiris.

So, for the first time, the Kashmir day was celebrated on 5th Feb in 1990. He appealed the people to protest against India that has occupied a big part of Kashmir and does not let the Kashmiris live in the peaceful state.

So, the appeal was followed by the Pakistanis, and there were rallies, protest processions, speeches and prayers for the Kashmiri freedom movement across the land. The ruling party declared the day as a “Public Holiday” at that time.

The day is recognized on the international level. Now, every year on 5th Feb, Pakistanis celebrates Kashmir Day to support their Kashmiri Brethren in their struggle against the atrocities of Indian.

The people living in occupied Kashmir have been making efforts to breathe in the free air for the last seven decades. The Indian armed forces interrupt their freedom and have occupied their lands forcefully. They are struggling to set their country free and to live with freedom from India. Pakistanis support their aim, and they stand united with the Kashmiri people against India.

It is equally important for political parties and religious parties in Pakistan and Azad Jammu Kashmir. The political and religious parties in both the lands organize rallies, processions, conferences, and seminars to show their devotion towards their Kashmiri Brethren.

Kashmir Day Poetry

The leaders and spokespersons of the parties make speeches to show their unity and devotion towards Kashmir and Kashmiri people. The people of Pakistan make the freedom movement of Kashmiris strengthened against Indian occupation. Kashmiris hate Indian occupation on their lands, and they are making struggle and sacrificing their lives to set their country free out of the foreign occupation. The Kashmiris want to live a free life and India wants to keep Kashmir as an Indian territory forcibly. However, Pakistan supports Kashmiri people and their freedom to live as an independent state.

Initially, the Kashmir Solidarity day was observed in Pakistan. Now it has been observed on international levels. Pakistanis wherever they are, celebrate this day to show solidarity and devotion towards Kashmiris. For this purpose, the poets from various parts of the world write heart touching poems. The poems also show how much passionate love they are bearing in their hearts for Kashmir. Here, I am going to give a few examples of the poetry on Kashmir day. The poets from Pakistan, Kashmir and even from other countries have written about the freedom of Kashmir to make the world aware of the unjust and forceful occupation of India over Kashmir. Some poems are in Urdu while others are in English. Find them below.


Bodies all dusted.

Choices all busted.

Voices all gusted.

Rights all rusted.

The schools like barracks.

The play fields like Graveyards.

Buried all freedom lied in the backyards.

Speaking a word here brings you thousand hazards.

Calling themselves doves are all Jeopard’s.

with due regards to all nationalistic retards.

I want to say that Free Kashmir is on the cards.

Poem: Kashmir Day

Wadi Ma Bichi Ha Saf_E_Matam Ab Tk

Zulm-O-Sitm-O-Choor Nhi Km Ab Tk

Uf Sbzah O Gul Ma Ya Lpakte Shulay

Kashmir Ki Jannat Ha Jahanum Ab Tk.

Poem: Har Khawab Lahu

Ek Khwab Ki Hy Tabir Lahu

Sifak Adad,Shamshir Lahu

Wadi Ki Fizza Dil Gir Lahu

Hr Baan Py Hay Zanjeer Lahu

Waddi Ki Figha Shab Gir Lahu

Or Subah Ki Hay Tanveer Lahu

Kyun Dharti Ki Hai Tasveer Lahu

Muslim Ki Kyun Jagir Lahu

Aaa Dikh, Hain Ranjhy Heer Lahu

Hr Ghaat Py Hay Nakhcheer Lahu

Hr Simt Hay Daar O Geet Lahu

Zaalim Ki Hr 1 Tadbeer Lahu

Pewast Ba Seena Teer Lahu

Tuflaa Ky Liye Hay Sheer Lahu

Hontun Py Dua,Taseer Lahu

Hay Likhi Gyi Taqdeer Lahu

Hr Bachha Jawaan Or Peer Lahu

Kashmir Ki Hay Taqeer Lahu

Hr Saaz Oh Wafa Kashmir Lahu

Hr Jheel Siffa Kashmir Lahu

Woh Kehta Hay Kashmir Lahu

Main Kehta Hun Kashmir Lahu

Kashmir Lahu Kashmir Lahu

Poem: Jang Rahy Gyi

Kashmir Ki Azadi Tak

Zalim Ki Barbadi Tak

Iraaq Oo Afghn Ki Shadbi Tk

Qibbala E Awaal Ki Bazybi Tk

Jang Rahy Gi Jang Rahy Gyi

Apni Unsy Jaang Rahy Gyi..!!!

Kashmir is Bleeding

Kashmir is bleeding,

Kashmiris are bleeding,

Bodies are bleeding,

Hearts are bleeding,

blood dipping from veins,

blood dipping from arteries,

some people are celebrating,

blood parties,

soil is red, rivers are red,

kashmiris are knot with blood thread,

every color is replaced with red,

every soul is forced dead,

sometimes you see headless, bodies,

sometimes you see bodies, headless,

people of Kashmir are peace less, restless,

Bullets and shells is the game of forces,

youths are taught, jail courses,

Eyes are blinded, legs are broken,

mothers are left, unspoken,

Kashmir is receiving rain of tears,

the world enjoys, no one cares,

Kashmir is a story of children less parent, parent less children,

unknown graves, land of martyr’s,

half widows and full widows,

disappearances and PSA’s,

custodial killings and killing at doors,

Kashmiri’s are kept under wicked veil,

so that their pains, no one feel,

The stream of blood is kept flowing,

Kashmiri’s are forced to keep roaring,

when will this blood shedding come to an end, o! world?

when will we live fearless, and bold?

Poem: Kashmir is Burning

Koi awaz ab uthaye ki kashmir jal raha hai

Koi insaf ab dilaye ki kashmir jal raha hai

Har fard hai pareshan, bechain o dil shikasta

Koi marham inhein lagaye ki kashmir jal raha hai

Maon ki goad suni, har baap tadap raha hai

Koi inki sunle haye ki kashmir jal eaha hai

Zalim hai sena tane, mazloom hai besahara

Koi zulm ab mitaye ki kashmir jal raha hai

Din mai bhi hai andhera, khurshed bhi hai benoor

Koi shamma banke aaye ki kashmir jal raha hai

Poem: Kashmiri Woman

No one knows her here by her name,

the one who is sitting mum

there on a wooden log,

the woman whose son was slaughtered

with a chainsaw,

is the only identity she has

in this refugee camp.

Poem: Kashmiri Family

The night they fled,

leaving behind their village, home, hearth

and half-cooked bread on the stove,

who had come to see them

a night before that night?

And why didn’t they open their windows

and door, for anyone after that?

Even before they could tell us,

why they had not been able to look

into the eyes of their daughters

ever since then…

a *Chinar falls,

making a creaking sound,

they could never tell us all,

what they really wanted to…!

Poem: Kashmir

They have in their memories

their home, and the only flower

blooming in their backyard,

and a cot left outside,

soaking in the pouring rain,

the night they fled.

They have in their memories,

their dialogues, laughter,

and sweet sun,

and everything else,

they could not bring along,

with themselves,

and their little ones,

who did not return home,

after they went to play,

soon after the day,

when snow in the valley

had melted away!

Poem: Kashmiri Hates India

They set off explosives in their roots,

and separated them from their lands,

I wonder, what did they whisper in their ears,

and separated them from their lands?

The snow storms hit the valley, striking Chinars,

where would the fallen Chinars go now?

They will dry up, and set ablaze,

we all know that,

we all know, that their ashes

would still like to return

but to their valleys only.

Kashmir Day Quotes

Kashmir Day is not a day when people get a public holiday in Pakistan. It has become a very important day for Pakistanis. On this day, they stand united to show their devotions for Kashmir and Kashmiri people. They send different SMS and quotes to their friends and relatives to show solidarity with Kashmiri brethren.

They are fighting a continuous war to get freedom from the Indian occupation. Indian armed forces are trying to press their voices for freedom by slaughtering the Kashmiris. But they cannot make their voices silent as Pakistanis are standing with them united. The 5th Feb is a symbol of Kashmiris’ voice on the international forum so that they could get their rights and live a free life.

Pakistan is always with them in every difficult time so that they could not be suppressed by the Indian forces. They make a big nation, and they need to decide their fate by a freedom referendum. Pakistan supports their rights as they are also human beings beyond their religion. Indian does not want to let the occupied land go. That’s why it is violating human rights and wants then Kashmiris to be Indian slaves forever. However, Pakistan supports the Kashmir resolution and their freedom movement wholeheartedly. On the issue of Kashmir, all ruling and opposition parties, religious parties and even the people from every walk of life are united.

The quotes, I am going to discuss here will also explain how Pakistani people feel about Kashmir and Kashmiri people. These quotes explain the feelings of Pakistani people wherever they are. It does not matter they are living in Pakistan thousands of miles away from Kashmiri people. Still, their hearts beat with Kashmiris all the time. The quotes below are from the people from every walk of life. These quotes are from the political leaders, Ulamas, and writers of Pakistan to show their true feelings for Kashmir and Kashmiris.

India is using troops in Kashmir. They are losing the battle of heart and minds. It’s like treating cancer with dispirin. (Imran Khan)

We must learn from history; there is no military solution for the Kashmir issue…we have to understand this reality. (Pervez Musharraf)

I will take back Kashmir, all of it, and I will not leave behind a single inch of it because, like the other provinces, it belongs to Pakistan. (Bilawal Bhutto Zardari)

“The Tug of War between India and Pakistan continues, as Kashmir bleeds”

Suna Hai Bohat Sasta Hai Khoon Wahan

Ik Basti, Jisay Log Kashmir Kehtay Hain

Is Aas Pe Aarish Hum Ne Zindagi Luta Di

Meri Khaak Se Watan Mien Kuch To Haryaali Hogi

Yaran-E-Jahan Kehte Hain

Kashmir Ha Jannat

Jannat Kisi Kafir Ko Mili Ha Na Mily Gi !!


It’s Better to Die! Fighting for Freedom, Then! To Live Life in Slave


Aaj Wo Kashmir Hai Mehkum-o-Majboor-o-Faqeer

Kal Jisay Ahl-e-Nazar Kehtay Thay Iran-e-Sagheer

Kashmir Day Speeches

On 5th Feb, there are different seminars and rallies in all over Pakistan to pay tribute to Kashmiris for sacrificing their lives for the freedom movement. In Pakistan, 5th Feb is observed as a public holiday that was first observed in 1990 in Pakistan.

It was not only in 1990, but in 1975, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the then president of Pakistan announced a nationwide strike on 5th February. It was announced to support Kashmiris in their freedom movement and to ensure Pakistani support for them in every crucial moment.

Kashmiris are sacrificing their lives for the security of their lands, and till now, Indian armed forces are helpless before Kashmiri people. The Kashmiri people hate India and Indian forces. They do not want them to interrupt their freedom. They want to get their country back from foreign occupation and want to live a free life.

Pakistan supports the rights of Kashmiri people and wants India to set the land free and let the Kashmiri people live a peaceful life. But India has occupied Kashmir due to its geographical importance. Kashmiris are entirely resolute to make their land free of foreign occupation.

They want to aware the rest of the world about the atrocities of the Indian armed forces on Kashmiris. So, in the entire world, 5th Feb is observed as a day when Kashmiri people and even Pakistan can represent the rights of Kashmiris. It is on 5th Feb that different parties, religious leaders and organizations hold seminars to let the world know what is going on in Kashmir. They make the people aware of the cruelties of India over the Kashmiris.

Now, some straightforward people in Indian media also support fairly to Kashmiri people’s rights. They also want the Kashmiris to decide their own fate. So, due to the media, there is great awareness to the people of the world regarding what is going on in Kashmir and what should be the solution.

Kashmir Day Speech in Pakistani School

 Punjab University 5th Feb

 Kashmir Day Seminar in Pakistan School

Kashmir Day Posters

Every year Pakistan observes 5th Feb as a Kashmir Day. This day is very important in the lives of Pakistanis whether living in Pakistan or abroad. Every Pakistani observes 5th Feb as a solidarity day for Kashmiri Brethren.

They pay tribute to Kashmiris for struggling against the cruelties and atrocities of Indian armed forces by sending them SMS, quotes, posters and even videos regarding 5th Feb. Kashmir Day is not only a public holiday for Pakistanis but also a reminder for the rest of the world regarding the sacrifices of Kashmiris and their usurped rights by the Indian Armed Forces.

On this day, Pakistani people use to send SMS and posters showing devotion and a new inspiration for the freedom movement of Kashmir. The poster competitions are held in different organizations to encourage them to make unique and novel posters regarding 5th Feb. Kashmir day is not only considered important in Pakistan but also Azad Jammu Kashmir.

They also observe this day as a Solidarity Day for the people living in the occupied part of Kashmir. Many people participate in poster and speech competitions to show their skills and talent. The only purpose of organizing such competitions is to show the Kashmiris and the world that Kashmir is still bleeding and Pakistan is standing united with Kashmiris in every crucial time. In various parts of the country, the people make a human-made chain of hands to show the unity with the Kashmiris in their difficult times.

5th Feb


Kashmir Solidarity Day

Freedom of Kashmiris

Kashmir Day History

Kashmir Solidarity Day is observed officially in Pakistan on 5th Feb every year. The first time, it was observed in 1975 when the President of Pakistan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto declared that there would be a nationwide strike on 5th Feb to show devotion for Kashmir resolution. Later, In 1990, Qazi Hussain Ahmad suggested the ruling party of Pakistan to announce 5th Feb as a Solidarity Day to Kashmiri people. The then Chief Minister of Punjab, Nawaz Sharif declared 5th Feb as a public holiday to show the solidarity towards Kashmiri people. The question arises that what happened at that time that the CM Punjab announced this day as a solidarity day? Let me explain. In 1990, the Indian Government appointed a new governor of Occupied Kashmir to Gug Mohan. Kashmiris protested against this decision, and they boycotted the new governor to show the world the true face of India. It was a historic protest when the Indian forces brutally martyred a large number of Kashmiri people. The aroma of their blood was prevailing in the entire Kashmir valley. They were tortured by the Indian forces brutally for protesting against the Indian government. However, no cruelty could make them retreated from their resolution. So, 5th Feb was declared a solidarity day in Pakistan by the then CM Punjab.

So, It has been a part of Pakistan public holidays since 1990. It is not observed as a public holiday, however. The people belonging to different walks of life organize various speech and post competitions to show the world how Kashmiris are struggling against the foreign occupation. The people in Pakistan show their support to Kashmiris in their struggle against Indian armed forces.

Kashmir Day Songs

Kashmir Day is celebrated as a solidarity day in Pakistan. On this occasion, Pakistani people pay tribute to Kashmiris and stand united with them in their difficult times. Pakistani singers do not forget them and compose different songs to make the Kashmiris well aware of the support of Pakistani people with them. It is celebrated officially as a solidarity day for Kashmiri brethren. Even the official media channel of Pakistani armed forces releases the songs on this memorable day to commemorate the memories of martyred Kashmiris.

Different schools and organizations show their unity with the Kashmiris by organizing Kashmir Day songs competitions. The inspiring words are used to show the feelings of Kashmiris in the songs. Here are a few songs regarding Kashmir Day.

Song: Ab to Hai Azad Ye Duniya, Phir Main Kiyun Aazad Nahi

 Song: Mera Dard Naghma-e-Be Sada

 ISPR Released Official Kashmir Day Song

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