PTCL Organizes PTCL CHAMPIONS Ceremony in Islamabad

Every organization tries to promote excellence while creating a healthy and motivational working environment for the employees. It encourages the employees to show their excellence in the work, and they work hard to get appreciation from the higher authorities. Same does the PTCL by taking the initiative and launching the Champions program.

The program “PTCL CHAMPIONS” was initiated at the 1st quarter of 2018. The purpose behind launching “PTCL CHAMPIONS” is to acknowledge the employees who have shown excellent performance in their work. It appreciates their hard work and encourages them to show more efficiency at work.

The company provides a kid containing tokens of appreciation-thank you cards, PTCL caps, and badges, etc. to every line manager every year. The line manager presents these badges, thank you cards and caps to the Champions of his department shown exceptional performance.  The ceremony photos are shared on Facebook@Work, the official page of PTCL to promote the CHAMPIONS in the organization.

The aim behind this program is to appreciate the silent, hardworking employees who perform an outstanding job for the firm. The company organizes a quarterly event, and all departments are invited in it to appreciate the PTCL Champions at a wide scale. In the ceremony, the Line Manager explains the achievements of the Champion, and he calls him on the stage in the presence of all employees.

The company has rewarded approximately 7,500 Champions across the nation. The winners enjoy recognition and a sense of pride, and of course, it motivates them to perform better.

Recently, the PTCL organized the PTCL Champions ceremony in Quarter 4, 2018 where the champions were rewarded with the gifts and the cash prizes for their best performance. After taking this revolutionary step, PTCL management has seen the individual productivity at a higher level.

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