Prime Minister Imran Khan Orders to Track Down Pakistani People Listed in Panama Papers

Shakila Nasreen

Prime Minister Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister, Imran Khan has ordered to track down all the Pakistani People listed in Panama Papers leaked in 2016. So, a crackdown is going to be started soon against the Pakistanis enlisted Panama Leaks

According to the spokesman from PM Secretariat, a more than 250 Pakistani have taken the tax amnesty. Various companies leaked in the Panama Papers have moved to China. Furthermore, 175 defaulter people have vanished from the scene and cannot be located. The agencies have incomplete data of about 78 people. However, Prime Minister has ordered the agencies to track down all of the Pakistanis named in the list by completing their records. The list named 435 Pakistanis including politicians and businessmen as having offshore companies.


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