Chocolate Day 2019: Wishes, SMS, Quotes and WhatsApp Status 2019

Valentine’s Week has brought cheerful days with different gifts and attractions each day. Following Rose Day and Propose Day, the third day is known as Chocolate Day. The Chocolate Day is arriving on 9 February 2019 as usual. On every 9 February, the lovebirds exchange the chocolates and wish cards with colorful flowers. Well, not only the lovebirds but also other people exchange the chocolates and sweets among their dear ones to give them a pleasant surprise.

Chocolate Day – 3rd Day of Valentine’s Week

Valentine’s Week as a whole is significant for everyone but the chocolate day is significant for many people. It is seen that many couples take baking classes mainly to learn how to bake the sweets for Chocolate Day. By adopting such novel activities, they surprise their loved ones and show them how important they are for them. Chocolate day is not only limited to the Chocolates. Some people do not like chocolate. Well, no worries! If there is someone in your circle is allergic to chocolates. You can offer him/her sweets, desserts and other bakery stuff of their choice. The bakeries and Pastry shops offer unique Chocolate Day Cakes, pastries and tarts on this day. So, you have a wide range of options to select your favorite sweets. The purpose behind celebrating this day is to make all the relationships sweeter and to bring your relations closer.

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Chocolate Day SMS

Chocolate reduces stress and refreshes you. It also makes your skin glow. If you have selected a perfect Chocolate Day SMS to send your dear ones, the day will be a source of permanent joy and pleasure. It becomes a delightful surprise for your partner to receive a box of chocolates and at the same time receiving your lovely SMS. It will make her surprised and delighted as well. Here, I am going to list some inspiring Chocolate Day SMS to send your Valentine. If you do not have words to express your love for her, just select any of them to send her. Here is the list.

I Dream Only of You,

I Breathe Only For You,

My Every Prayer is For You,

I Need No One Else in My Life, but a Chocolate Person Like You.

Happy Chocolate Day

Anyone Can Catch One’s Eye

But it Takes a Special Someone,

To Capture Your Heart and Soul and For Me! That Special Some is You.

You Always Seem to me Like a Chocolate.

Happy Chocolate Day!

Today is Chocolate Day,

Dairy Milk for Love,

Perk for Friends,

Kit Kat for Best Friends,

Polo for Hatred,

And…..Mentos for Cool Persons,

What Do You Choose For Me?

Best Wishes on Chocolate Day

Taking Little Bites of Chocolates,

You be thinking About the Sweetness Dissolves in Your Mouth

It is the same Like the Sweetness, you Dissolved in My Life

Happy Chocolate Day My Love

Love is like Swallowing Hot Chocolate

Before it has Cooled Off.

It Takes you by Surprise at First,

But Keeps you Warm for a Long Time.

Happy Chocolate Day!

Chocolate is not Cheating,

After a Salty Meal,

You Need a Little bit of Sweet.

This is Living, not Cheating

Happy Chocolate Day

Love is not like a Chewing Gum to Taste in Beginning Only

It is Like a Chocolate, to Taste till the End.

Happy Chocolate Day

My Love!

You are so Pleasant like Dairy Milk

You refresh like Cadbury Milk

You are so Lovely like KitKat

My most precious Chocolate,

Happy Chocolate Day!

5 Star SMS for a Daily Milk Person from a Barone Friend for a Melody Season at KitKat time on a Munch day in a Perk Mood to say……………..Happy Chocolate Day

A Big KitKat has delivered to you By Your Chocolate Boy, I have Taken a small bite, Eat remaining pieces and Enjoy Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day Quotes

Use some influential words to move your partner’s heart on this special day. It will make him/her feel that you are the only important person in his life. For this purpose, you can send some beautiful quotes on Chocolate Day to express your love an intimacy to him/her. If you are away from your partner, you can send some inspiring quotes through text message or via WhatsApp. Well, another unique way to remind her about your passionate love is to keep her sending SMS, Wishes, Quotes and also display WhatsApp Status for her. It will make her feel special in your life. Here are some beautiful quotes.

Chocolate Comes in different sizes, flavors, and shapes. No matter what they look like. The Most Important thing is that….

Perfect Satisfaction I get when Eating Them.

Hmmm, Can’t wait to get a bit of it Again!

Exchange Chocolates to know your Worth. KitKat for Special friend, Dairy Milk for Lover, Safari for Casual Relationship, Cadbury Milk for Pure Relationship. Select the one for your Relationship.

At this Special Sweet Day of Chocolate, I want to Make Your Whole Life Sweet, As I have a Full and Neverending box of Sweet Chocolates. To Get them, Enter my Heart!!!

Here are my special gifts for my special friend:

My heart filled with Love,

My eyes full of Adoration,

My mind full of your Dreams,

And a box full of Chocolates

A friendship is SWEET when it is NEW…

And it is SWEETER when it is TRUE

But U know what……??????

It is Sweetest when IT IS YOU…….!!

Lovely Chocolate and Lovely You

And Lovely are the Things You Do,

But the Loveliest is the Friendship of the Two,

One is Me, and Other is You!

“Happy Chocolate Day”

Far or Near, You are My Dear

Young or Old, you are my Gold

East or West, You are the Best,

Start or End You are my Chocolaty Friend….

A Successful Marriage Requires Falling in Love Many Times, Always with the Same Chocolaty Person. I Fell in Your Love Once Again My Darling!

Where there is LOVE, there is Life, Express your Love through Sweets to express the Sweet Feelings.

The Best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. Of course! The passion of My Love is more beautiful than this Chocolate sending to you.

Chocolate Day Wishes

There are different activities to follow on Chocolate Day to celebrate this day with more enthusiasm. The object behind this day is only to bring closer to your loved ones. Small events can remove the differences between you and your partner. So, don’t let them go. Use them effectively to show your passion in front of your love. You can send him/her a box of different chocolates and sweets with a hand-written note containing pleasant wishes. If you do not have words to wish your Valentine, here is a list of best wishes. You can select any wish to send your partner on this special occasion to make him/her feel the most important one in your life.

“My Dear Valentine, I wish you to be Happy and Warm on this Cool Wintry Day. Sending you a Big Chocolate as a Token of my Love and Passions.”

For My Sweetie Pie…..

To Let You Know…….

You are the Sweetest of All the World

Even the Chocolate, sent to You is Tasteless

Before Your Love

Happy Chocolate Day

Your Love is Like this Chocolate Box

Sometimes Crunchy, Sometimes Nutty, Sometimes full of surprised Jellies


All the Chocolates give a less Delicious taste than Your Love

Happy Chocolate Day

The delight of Eating Chocolate remains for Long times, but the Delight of Your Love is an Eternal Joy

Wish You a Very Happy Chocolate Day with Love

A KitKat Message to a Dairy Milk Person

Love is The Happiness of Today,

And Promise of Tomorrow,

So, This Warm Note Comes to You,

To Say That Live a Life With a Heart Full of Love

If U R a Chocolate, U R the Sweetest,

If U R a Teddy Bear, U R the Most Huggable,

If U R a Star, U R the Brightest,

And Since U R my Love, U R the Best!

Happy Chocolate Day

To a Chocolate Person!

FOREVER is not Today,

Not Tomorrow or a Century that will Arrive,

But!!! It is a Lifetime,

And!!! I Promise to Love You Forever

Happy Chocolate Day

The Sweetness of Hundreds of Chocolates

Would Be Too Less

To Describe my Love, I Carry in MY Heart for You

I am Sending You a Special Chocolate Rose,

Rose! To Show my Love for You,

Chocolate to Make our Love Sweeter Than Ever

The Chocolate reminds me Of the Warmth of Your love I need on a Chilled Cloudy day. The Sweetness of the Chocolate will remind you of my Passionate Love You need forever.

Chocolate Day WhatsApp Status

Are Sending Wishes, Quotes, and SMS with a box of delicious chocolates, not enough? Well, there is another way to express your love to your partner. That is to display a beautiful status on WhatsApp to show her how strongly you love her. It does not mean that I am talking about lovebirds. It is for all people. If you want to show your love to your friends, siblings, parents, children and even to your partner, revive your love for them by displaying a WhatsApp Status. Here, I am going to add some video links. You need to watch them and select the right one for downloading. There are different WhatsApp Status videos for different relationships. You can choose the one that suits you.

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.

There is nothing better than a friend unless it is a friend with chocolate.

Will looked horrified. “What kind of monster could possibly hate chocolate?

Simple as a glass of chocolate or tortuous as the heart. Bitter. Sweet. Alive.

Chocolate says “I’m sorry” so much better than words.

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