Teddy Day Quotes, Wishes, SMS & WhatsApp/Facebook Status 2019

Valentine’s week is going on and the people are busy in exchanging the gifts, cards, teddies, flowers and lovely words. Well, they can buy gifts, cards, and other items from the market but they cannot buy influential words from anywhere. They need to create words by using their feelings. The whole week keeps them busy in a variety of days

Teddy Day is celebrated on February 10 as a part of Valentine’s week. It is the fourth day that comes after Rose Day, Propose Day and Chocolate Day. The people from all walks of life celebrate this day. Especially the kids and children love celebrating it. The lovebirds exchange different gifts and of course, Teddies to remind each other of their passionate love. On this day, sending a teddy does not mean to remind your partner of your love. It also means to show towards your loved ones how much you are caring for them. Sending a Teddy is not enough I think. You should include an inspiring message in a card to accompany it. Just imagine your partner receives a teddy from you and there are no loving words with that, what he/she will feel? Of course, your partner will feel like you are sending a beautiful but empty packet. There are a large number of Quotes, wishes, SMS and WhatsApp Status you can use to express your love.

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Teddy Day SMS

Teddy Day is incomplete without inspiring SMS. If you give a Teddy to your beloved and you do not say some influential words, she will not be much happy to receive your gift. The day starts with sending an SMS to your partner to show her how passionately you feel her in your life. The SMS should be the true expression of your love. It is very important to select the right words to celebrate Teddy Day. Here, I am going to list some Teddy Day SMS. You can select any SMS from them. Pick the one that inspires you. Here is the list.

Bears like honey that comes from bees.
Bears like to nap under shady trees.
And Bears can be cuddly, or big and mean.
My little Teddy Bear is the cutest I’ve seen.

Hug a bear day is not how long you’ve been together; not how much you’ve given or receive; not how many times you’ve helped each other. Happy Teddy Bear Day!

Happy teddy day, dear! Remember those days we use to celebrate the whole valentine week. I love you a lot.

Lots and lots of teddies for you on this teddy bear day. Keep it safe in our going to be personal room.

You know there is only one person who can compete with Teddy in terms of cuteness and it is you, my love.

Sending a teddy to my cutest cuddly beloved who is certainly my life. Happy Teddy Day.

It’s Teddy Bear Day
I just wanted to say

On this day, I’m gifting you this teddy, to show that I’m ready,
to make you mine and always ensure that you’re fine.

I am sending a Teddy to you.
Love my Teddy Bear,
Kiss my Teddy Bear,
Hug my Teddy Bear,
keep that Teddy Carefully Because Teddy has my heart Happy Teddy Day.

You are always in my thoughts and in my dreams wherever may I go you will always be close to my heart on Teddy Bear Day. I’d like to say’I LOVE YOU’ more than you know. Happy Teddy Bear Day.

Teddy Day Quotes

Since Teddy Day is celebrated in the whole world, there are unlimited Teddy Day quotes in every language of the world. Teddy is the symbol of innocence, love, happiness and eternal joy. So, the people use to exchange it with their dear and near ones with some inspiring quotes. If you are going to celebrate this day, you also need to add an influential quote on the wish card you are going to send her on this day. It should be heart-touch to impress her. Well, the selection of words is very important in this matter. It should express the true feelings you are bearing in your heart. It is the best day to say what you feel for your loved ones. Here are a number of quotes you can use to write on the card.

A bedroom without a teddy is like a face without a smile.

Teddy bears don’t need hearts as they are already stuffed with love.

By gifting you this teddy I want to show am ready to make you mine and fill my life with sunshine.

How many children, do you suppose, have carried a lifelong resentment of parents responsible for the surreptitious removal of their Teddy Bears?

What I need to live has been given to me. By the earth why I need to live has been given to me. Happy Teddy Bear Day!

Hug a bear day is not how long you’ve been together; not how much you’ve given or receive; not how many times you’ve helped each other. Happy Teddy Bear Day!

Wishing happy teddy bear day to a real teddy. Hope you won’t mind me saying you teddy.

I miss the laughs I used to get from you, I miss the talks we used to have. And above all, I just miss YOU! Happy Teddy Bear Day

No matter how near you are living with. No matter how far you are living with. The measurement of love is not calculated in distance. This measurement is calculated in how depth your love and relationship.

Happy teddy day sweetheart, you know why I love you so much, coz you ur around I never feel sad.

In a world where everyone seems to be larger and louder than yourself, it is very comforting to have a small, quiet companion.

What I need to live has been given to me. By the earth why I need to live has been given to me. Happy Teddy Bear Day!

Teddy Day Wishes

Teddy Day gives you a golden opportunity to express your love before the person you love silently. It is the best day when you can say what you were hiding in your heart earlier. Just buy a sweet Teddy, wrap it in beautiful wrapping sheet and paste a small sized wish card on it. Now, the question is, what to write on the card? It is very important to select an impressive wish as your words are very important for your Valentine. Here, I am going to give a few very impressive Teddy Day Wishes to let you know what you can add to your wish card. Read and copy any of them.

I wish to be your Teddy. There is nothing more warm and secure in this world than being in your arms. Happy Teddy Day!

I am gifting you this teddy so that whenever you look at it you would be reminded of me. Happy Teddy Day!

I really look forward to meeting you every day because of those warm hugs. Happy Teddy Day!

When it comes to giving those awesome teddy bear hugs, no one can match you. I am lucky to have a friend like you. Happy Teddy Day!

You are my l’il chubby doll and I am your teddy bear!!… Miss me, dear… Happy Teddy Day!!

I am gifting you this teddy, to tell you that I am ready.. to make you forever mine.. Happy Teddy Day!

Teddy is the symbol of happiness and You are the symbol of Love for me. Be Happy like this teddy I am sending and Be with me.

As I found my paradise in you, you are the most precious treasure. Just want to say I’ll always love you. Happy Teddy Day.

Wherever I may go, you will always be there in my thoughts and mind. Wishing you lots of love. Happy Teddy Day.

You may not be able to hug me but you can surely hug this teddy bear. Happy Teddy Day dear!

Teddy Day WhatsApp/Facebook Status

Not only the Wishes, Quotes, and SMS, but also very beautiful WhatsApp/Facebook Status are available for the people to celebrate Teddy Day. If you are far from your Valentine, just send her the Teddy with a Wish card and Display a WhatsApp Status for her. It will make her more pleasant for the rest of the day. Well, you can set multiple statuses for her to show how intensely you love her. There are many WhatsApp Status you can display. I am going to display some of them. Read and select the right one to make her happy on Teddy Day.

Sweetheart, let me be your teddy and always remain by your side. Happy Teddy Day!

This cute teddy is a gift from me to show you how much I love you. Happy Teddy Day!

Just like your fluffy Teddy Bear, I also want to be your friend for life and start by your side. Happy Teddy Day!

Even if the sun refuses to shine, the words refuse to rhyme…You will always be my valentine. Love you sweetheart… Happy Teddy Day!!

You are so sweet and soft like a Teddy. I know because I love and care for You,

I always care my sweet Teddy But want to love you Forever.

Happy Teddy Day….!!!

The soft cuddly teddy is there to show, I will always be there this you should know. Happy Teddy Day!

You don’t need WORDS to show that you care for someone.
Like Mr. Bean, he barely speaks but, he never leaves his teddy behind.

Teddy bears don’t need hearts as they are already stuffed with love. I’m your Teddy with a big heart. Happy Teddy Day!


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