Lahore High Court Grants Extension in Hamza Shahbaz’s Stay in London for 14 Days

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court grants an extension in Hamza Shehbaz’s stay in London for 14 days. He needs to prolong his stay in London due to his new-born daughter who is suffering from a serious cardiac problem.

According to the sources, Lahore High Court permits Hamza Shehbaz to leave the country one time. So, on the orders of the Lahore High Court, the Government removed his name from the Exit Control List.

Now, Hamza Shahbaz had filed a petition in Lahore High Court to grant him an extension for 14 days to stay with his new-born daughter who must undergo surgery due to a serious cardiac disease. The Lahore High Court has granted him an extension so that he could prolong his stay in London for 14 days more.

The NAB is currently probing Hamza Shahbaz for Ramzan Sugar Mills corruption and offshore companies.

Via Dawn News

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