Kiss Day Wishes, SMS, Quotes and WhatsApp Status

Valentine’s Week is going on, and the people are busy in enjoying every day of this week. Like the Rose, Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day and Promise Day have gone, here comes the cutest day, i.e. Kiss Day to shower more love on you. It is the 7th day of Valentine’s week and ends with the start of Valentine’s Day, the sweetest day of the week.

Kiss Day comes every year one day ahead Valentine’s Day. It is a significant part of Valentine’s week, and the people celebrate it around the world. It is to express your love and gratitude towards your parents, siblings, and partners and of course lovers. The entire Valentine’s week is significant to spread love among the people around you. But Kiss Day comes with its importance on February 13 every year.

The conservative people may think it a particularly for the lovers and an odd day. But that is not true. It is a part of the passion of love, and this passion is for everyone. A thinker says rightly that life begins with a kiss on the forehead. So, honestly, it is the best way of the world to express your love for your parents, friends, siblings and your spouse. Love is the foundation of every relationship and kiss completes this foundation.

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Kiss Day SMS

You can start the day with lots of surprises. You can send your loved ones sweet Kiss Day SMS to make them realise how much you are caring for them. It is an early morning Kiss Day SMS that can make them happy and surprised the rest of the day for being essential for you too. A simple kiss on this day to your partner can revise all your promises without saying even a single word. It is the best way if you want to show your love, but you do not have words to express it. Kissing your dear and near ones simply make them happy in this exhausting race of life. So, get a Kiss Day SMS to send your partner and friends and enjoy a fresher relationship.

Sending you a Kiss, garnished on the Dish of Love…..With lots of Love….Happy Kiss Day!

It is merely a four letter word “KISS” which brings a Pleasant Smile on every face…..Happy Kiss Day!

A kiss is something you cannot

give without taking and cannot

take without giving. Happy Kiss Day My Dearest!!

Kissing is like drinking salted water. You drink, and your thirst increases.

Kissing is a means of getting two people as close together that they can’t see anything wrong with each other. Happy Kiss Day My Dear!

Sweetheart is sending you a loving kiss to let you know how much you mean to me.

If I Had A Chance

I Would Kiss Your Lips Every Second,

Every Minute,

Every Hour,

And Every Day And Never Get Tired

The best things in life can never be kept; they must be given away. A smile, a Kiss and Love. Happy Kissing Day!

In all the Ways! Kiss is the Most Natural Way to Express Love, Care and Affection. Happy Kiss Day!

Kisses are like Happiness,

So, it is best when shared

Happy KISS Day!

Kiss is the First Language,

We understand right from birth

Happy Kiss Day!

Kiss is the Only Action that describes What thousands of words cannot….. It shows Love and Affection…..Happy Kiss Day!

Kiss Day Wishes

Kiss day brings eternal moments in your life. You can show your love without saying a word. It becomes more important to express your love through a Warm Kiss if you become speechless. There are different Kiss Day Wishes you can send to make your friends surprised. Just imagine, your angry partner is receiving a beautiful gift with a sweet Kiss wish on this day. She will forget her anger. Her heart will be softened with the passionate kiss you sent her. Well, don’t waste your time and move to the list of Kiss Day Wishes I have compiled for you all.

A great relationship starts with a sweet kiss and ends with “YES I DO…..”

Kissing you is like a drug to me, and you are my addiction…..I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU…..LOVE YOU, MY LOVE.

Love and Kiss are significant because when you love, you express and when you express is when you Kiss.

Kiss is the most precious gift I am sending you, it’s priceless, but its’ worth is more than a diamond.

“If ever you think of me out of the blue,

Just remember it’s all the kisses

I’ve blown in the air finally catching up with you!”

Happy Kiss Day!

If a kiss could say just how I love you… My lips would be on yours forever!

Your tight hugs, long kisses make me forget that the world is cruel. I just find love and love everywhere……Happy Kiss Day

Kiss is sweet, a sweet gesture of love, gratitude of respect and the attitude of LOVE…. Happy Kiss Day!

It’s a big world with millions of people but my love the kiss is just for you…….. lots of love.

A kiss on your forehead revives broken hearts….

Kiss Day Quotes

Sometimes, you want to show your wisdom regarding this critical day. It happens when your partner opposes the importance of Kiss Day. Here, you can quote some authentic arguments from a wise person. It will show the significance of this day in Valentine’s week and will make her speechless. Here are many quotes regarding Kiss Day to show its importance. These inspiring quotes will change your life completely. So, share them with your loved ones and family members by adding in a hand-written note. It will surely impress them, and they will be completely speechless before them. Well, if you want to use them as your profile status or as a Twitter or Facebook status, go ahead.

“A kiss makes the heart young again and wipes out the years.”

“You are always new, the last of your kisses was ever the sweetest.”

“We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine.”

“A kiss can be a comma, a question mark or an exclamation point. That’s basic spelling that every lover ought to know.”

“A kiss without a hug is like a flower without the fragrance.”

“Make me immortal with a kiss.”

“A kiss is a secret which takes the lips for the ear.”

“Kiss me as if you made believed

You were not sure this eve,

How my face, your flower, had pursed

It’s petals up…”

“A legal kiss is never as good as a stolen one.”

“It is the passion that is in a kiss that gives to it its sweetness; it is the affection in a kiss that sanctifies it.”

Kiss Day WhatsApp/Facebook Status

Displaying WhatsApp/Facebook Status on a special occasion is a novel way to express your love for family, friends and partner. Same happens when Valentine’s week arrives. The youngsters try to set beautiful status on their Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter profiles and enjoy the comments of the people. If you have already used the traditional ways to celebrate the Kiss Day like sending SMS, best wishes with the gift and even writing quotes in hand-written notes, try setting a WhatsApp Status. It will give you a unique feeling, and the status will be a surprise for your beloved too. Here is the list of WhatsApp Status you can display.

Love Is Heat.

You Are Sweet.

When Two Lips Are Meet.

Love Is Complete.

Happy Kiss Day!

What of the soul was left, I wonder, when the kissing had to stop? Happy Kiss Day My Darling!

It is the passion that is in a kiss that gives to it its sweetness; it is the affection in a kiss that sanctifies it.

Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.

Wanna say on Kiss Day, Your kiss is the one thing that turns my any day great!

Ancient Lovers believed that a Kiss unites souls because the spirit was said to be carried in one’s breathing. Happy Kiss Day!

Those random kisses on my forehead,

And the way you Smile

Every time you see me,

That means the world to me…. Happy Kiss Day!

Sunshine gives us heat,

Rain gives us water,

Wind gives us air to breathe,

And a sweet kiss energizes our relationship.

Happy Kiss Day!

Honey is honey Without Sugar,

Apple is apple Without Taste,

But love is not to love without a kiss.

Happy Kiss Day!

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