Sindh Food Authority’s Raid on a Cooking Oil Factory, Factory Owner Arrested for Using Offal

KARACHI: Sindh Food Authority raid on a Cooking Oil Factory. They had a complaint that the factory owner extracted the cooking oil by using the Offal. They arrested the owner on having proof of the allegation.

According to the Food Authority official, they had a complaint about one of the biggest cooking oil factories that it was using offal, oil, and other animal waste to produce the cooking oil. They raided on the factory and seized the ready-to-use oil, offal, and animal waste on the spot. The official further stated that the owner set up the factory on the banks of the Malir River. The factory workers were using the offal (entrails and internal organs of the animals) for producing cooking oil. This sub-standard oil is then supplied to the markets daily. They arrested the owner of the factory.

Shakila Nasreen

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