India Withdrew the Status of “Favorite Country” from Pakistan

NEW DELHI: India blamed Pakistan for the attack on Indian Security Forces in Pulwama and withdrew the status of “Favorite Country” from Pakistan.

According to the sources, India puts the blame on Pakistan for the deaths of his 44 soldiers in the remote control attack on Indian troops moving on the highway in Pulwama district. Narendra Modi held a cabinet meeting in emergency conditions and later announced that the country had withdrawn the status of the favorite country from the neighboring country Pakistan.

Remember that it is still to be investigated who was involved in the blast and what kind of explosion it was. Today, the Indian investigators will reach the spot in Pulwama where the bomb exploded. The investigation team consists of 12 members will help the police in the forensic investigation of the affected area.

Indian forces are committing atrocities on the Kashmiri people continuously in disputed Kashmir. Recently, the Indian armed forces attacked a school and injured 16 students there. As a result, the Kashmiri people enraged in anger and came to the roads to protest against the Indian army. But the Indian army started tear-gas shelling and many people died as a result.

In response to this cruel act, the freedom fighters blasted a bomb with the help of remote control in the Indian army trucks when they were carrying the weapons on the highway. As a result, 44 Indian soldiers killed.

The chain of avenge is going on, and the Indian government has gone mad on the death of its 44 soldiers. They have taken back the title of “Favorite country” from Pakistan. The US also condemns Pakistan for this surprise attack and warns it to wind up all support for the terrorist groups and their activities.

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