PM Imran Khan Addresses to the Nation, A Response to Baseless Indian Allegations in Pulwama Attack

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the nation shortly to respond the Indian Allegations on Pakistan for Pulwama Attack. India raised the issue internationally that Pakistan has directly involved in Pulwama attack where 44 Indian paramilitary soldiers were killed in a remote-controlled bomb explosion.

Prime Minister stated that India is accusing Pakistan baselessly in this matter. It should think of how Pulwama Attack could be beneficial for Pakistan? He further said that he intentionally delayed the response to India as a highly important conference was going on in Pakistan regarding the most substantial investment of Saudi Arabia in Pakistan.

So, he didn’t want to divert the attention of the people from such an essential conference towards Indian allegations. He also stated that Pakistan has been fighting against terrorism for the past 15 years and what benefits Pakistan will have from such explosions? He explains it asserted that India should know that it is a Naya Pakistan now and a new Government with a new mindset that does not want terrorism and war.

He offers India to provide substantial evidence to Pakistan, and it will probe against the attack. He is saying this not being under any pressure, but it is Pakistan’s policy.

Stating, “Kashmiris are not afraid of death and what has made their behavior fearless. India thinks that it can suppress a nation with power. It is wrong.

He firmly continued that Indian media is continuously publicizing that their politicians are demanding revenge from Pakistan. If anything happens and India thinks it will attack Pakistan and Pakistanis will not do anything, it is wrong. Pakistan will not think but retaliate regardless of the consequences.

He resolute that it is easy to start a war, but it is not possible to stop it once it begins. He also laid stress on the need of dialogues on Kashmir issue by exemplifying Afghanistan. He said that the Afghanistan issue is resolved through talks and Kashmir issue will also be resolved in the same way.

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