DHA is one of the earliest Real Estate Developer in Pakistan that comes with the idea of plan housing communities with state of art infrastructure aiming towards providing modern living community, sustainable infrastructure, focusing eco-friendly developments, facilitating public with civic facilities including health, better environment, education and entertainment facilities. Such approach makes DHA (Defence Housing Authority) Pakistan most successful housing authority. DHA mainly focuses to provide the residencies to the defence personals of Pakistan, however public from civil sector can also be a part of DHA Projects.


DHA is well known for its iconic real estate projects all over Pakistan including DHA Lahore Chapter, DHA Karachi and DHA Islamabad. Apart from making presence in mega cities only, DHA is focusing its attention to initiate DHA Peshawar, DHA Gujranwala and DHA Multan Projects. Moreover, good news for the residents of Bahawalpur district is that, DHA is planning to add DHA Bahawalpur Chapter. The recent addition is also known as second tire cities in Pakistan.

DHA Environment:

DHA is known for its sustainable infrastructure, secure environment that gives peace of mind in current disorder of law and order situation in Pakistan, while the healthy, neat & clean and modern living style makes DHA Projects success.

DHA Bahawalpur:

DHA authorities have announced the new Chapter, i.e. DHA Bahawalpur (not officially). The sources have revealed that DHA authorities are in planning phase for Bahawalpur Project (purchase of land, development work time frame, features to offer etc).

DHA Bahawalpur will comprise of Residential Phases like in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. According to some industry sources, DHA has announced DHA Bahawalpur Phase 1, while the authorities are working to launch the DHA Bahawalpur Phase 1 Files in near future. Some sources have confirmed that Phase 1 files may be available within couple of months or so.

If you are planning to invest in Bahawalpur Real Estate Sector, DHA Bahawalpur could be an ideal opportunity for you. You must aware of any progress of DHA Bahawalpur.

DHA Bahawalpur Location:


DHA Bahawalpur is ideally proposed in South of City on Main Ahmedpur Road opposite to the Daewoo Bus Terminal. The rough idea of DHA Bahawalpur stated the site between Bahawalpur Golf Course and Basti Rahimabad. Famous Quaid-e-Azam Medical College is also located in proximity of DHA Bahawalpur.

DHA Bahawalpur Investment:

DHA Bahawalpur is an ideal opportunity for investment purposes. The project will have unique living style that will make the society a modern living community in Pakistan. The progress of DHA Bahawalpur will increase the development in Bahawalpur city and also will upscale the living standard as well.


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